Ontario specialists attend 2018 GFO March Classic

March 22, 2018

FS Ontario agronomy, energy and grain marketing experts attended this year’s Grain Farmers of Ontario March Classic tradeshow in London, Ontario, attended by more than 700 industry leaders/experts throughout southwestern Ontario. This podcast features interviews from energy experts Blake Sicard and Bruce Thomson with UPI Energy FS; precision ag manager Nicole Weber of FS PARTNERS; and Petra Hathaway, Devin Homick and Brandon Caughell of Great Lakes Grain as they give their perspectives. Janice Johnson, GROWMARK Ontario marketing & communication specialist, hosts this episode. 


Gearing up for spring - Crop Protection

March 16, 2018

Sam Spence returns for the second episode in the, ‘Gearing up for spring’ series. In this episode, listeners will learn more about the ways the GROWMARK Crop Protection Division is preparing for the season.



March 7, 2018

Josh Blazier, GROWMARK facility planning division manager, joins the podcast to talk about GrainXchange, an event for FS grain systems employees.


Gearing Up for Spring – Crop Nutrients

March 6, 2018

Sam Spence, agronomy admin coordinator, is back with a series with the Agronomy teams called, ‘Gearing Up for Spring.’ In this episode, listeners will learn more about the ways the GROWMARK Crop Nutrients Division is preparing for the season.


2018 Ontario Region Agronomy Conference

February 26, 2018

The 2018 GROWMARK Ontario region agronomy conference was held in Stratford, Ontario. It was a two-day event filled with agronomic content giving FS crop specialists the opportunity to learn from industry leaders, GROWMARK experts, and each other. Hear how the conference impacted FS crop specialists with host Janice Johnson.


Rauner, government officials visit GROWMARK

February 22, 2018

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, and a few other elected leaders, visited the GROWMARK home office in Bloomington, Illinois. Listen to the podcast to learn more about the visit from Liz Hobart from GROWMARK Government Relations, and Rick Nelson, Vice Chairman of the GROWMARK Board of Directors.


GROWMARK Agronomy Recap (part 3)

February 6, 2018

The third episode in the series with Sam Spence concludes with interviews from three division leaders from Agronomy. Two managers had transitioned to new roles and a third leader reflects on his service within the FS System.


GROWMARK Agronomy Recap (part 2)

February 6, 2018

We’re continuing the 2017 recap series with Sam Spence, admin. coordinator, as she shares three interviews with division leaders from her agronomy team. We take a look at successes across Seed, Crop Nutrients and Crop Protection.


Agronomy Conference

January 31, 2018

The FS Agronomy Conference focused on professional development for FS crop specialists. Listen to this week's podcast to hear how GROWMARK speakers, industry presentations, and breakout sessions benefitted crop specialists, who serve as trusted advisors for farmers.


MID-CO Winter Outlook

January 24, 2018

MID-CO COMMODITIES is putting on winter outlook meetings for customers. The meetings are being held in Illinois, Iowa, and Ohio. Cory Winstead joins the podcast to explain why they put on the meetings for customers and how MID-CO is growing its business.