Cooperative Leadership Conference

January 19, 2018

Tom Swearingen, GROWMARK director of talent management, recaps the Cooperative Leadership Conference.


GMK Agronomy: 2017 Recap (part 1)

January 10, 2018

Sam Spence, admin. coordinator from the agronomy team, is recapping 2017 interviews from November’s GROWMARK Update Meetings. In episode 2, listeners will get to hear from the Agronomy Leadership team.


Alpha Distribution Center Expansion

December 20, 2017

GROWMARK has expanded the FS Distribution Center to include bulk storage for crop protection products to better serve its member companies. Hear more about the project with Tracy Mack from GROWMARK's Logistics Division, and John Hany from GROWMARK's Crop Protection Division.


Information Security Part 3: Ransomware

December 6, 2017

In part 3 of our podcast series on information security, Mark Brooks, GROWMARK system administrator and Ryan White from the GROWMARK Seed Division discuss ransomware. You can listen to other podcasts in the series below:





Government Relations Update

November 1, 2017

Chuck Spencer, GROWMARK executive director, Government Relations, joins the podcast to discuss state and federal issues including DPAD, Farm Bill, and state topics.


FAST STOP locations now registered as TOP TIER Diesel Fuel sites

October 18, 2017

FS FAST STOP locations are among the first to become registered TOP TIERTM Diesel Fuel sites. The TOP TIER Diesel Fuel program was developed by a group of leading diesel equipment manufacturers. They recognized the benefits of additized diesel fuel in their engines. The TOP TIER program, originally launched in 2004, focused on gasoline standards before introducing a diesel fuel standard this September. FAST STOP locations featuring Dieselex® Gold are among the first retailers to earn the new certification.

“We strive to provide the best fuel standard in the industry by not only meeting, but exceeding, the new TOP TIER Diesel Fuel standards,” said Curt Dunafin, GROWMARK energy services manager. “Additional performance benefits of Dieslex Gold include: cleaning up dirty engines, controlling moisture, faster starts, lower emissions, and extending storage stability.”

For over 65 years, FS Dieselex Gold has been maximizing engine efficiency, restoring lost power, and protecting tanks and fuel system components. A list of the initial FAST STOP certified TOP TIER diesel locations can be found at


Global Fertilizer Day

October 13, 2017

Jessica Prochnow and Rod Wells with the GROWMARK Crop Nutrients Division join Sam Spence to discuss the second annual Global Fertilizer Day. Hear about the ways the GROWMARK Crop Nutrients team is joining The Fertilizer Institute and other organizations, to support the event and raise awareness across our industry. 


The science of storing grain

October 4, 2017

Randy Holthaus joins the podcast to discuss the science of storing grain. He serves the FS System as GROWMARK's grain systems manager for marketing and business development. You can also read his column on the topic here:


FS Applicator Simulator

September 20, 2017

The FS Applicator Simulator is a progressive and advanced approach to meet the ongoing needs for training on safe and efficient in-field product application. Developed by GROWMARK in partnership with its FS member cooperatives, the simulator is believed to be the first of its kind for agricultural training. Hear more about it in this week's podcast with Erik Wilcox, GROWMARK manager, crop protection application and equipment and Eric Long, Ag-Land FS operations manager.

Rad more about it here:


Information Security Part II: Passwords

September 6, 2017

In part two of our podcast series on information security, Eric Fisher (GROWMARK manager, network security) and Jeff Frank (GROWMARK manager, agronomy business operations) discuss the importance of passwords to safeguard information.